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Ondekoza Recruitment

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To Be an Ondekoza Drummer

Ondekoza members live communally in a residential facility in the city of Fuji, in Shizuoka, Japan, where they start their day with a 10km run at 6am. Ondekoza believes that the daily routines of life are reflected in the creative expression of stage performance. By running, studying and living together, Ondekoza aims to train the body and mind of its members. We are looking for new members who will live, run and study with us as we travel the world.

Training Period 3 month trial, followed by 1 year

Men and women 18 years of age and older, and able to live communally in a boarding house.



∙Basic physical training and running instruction

∙Study of drum, flute and dance fundamentals

∙Communally live with Ondekoza members in the boarding facility, and travel together with the group on domestic and international tours



50,000 Yen per month (600,000 Yen per year). The fee will be used to cover your living expenses at Ondekoza.

∙Note) If selected as official members after one year, trainees will receive a salary based on their skill levels.

Additional Information


∙Upon completion of the 1 year program, trainees will be considered for official membership.

∙Starting dates flexible

∙Japanese proficiency/taiko experience is not necessary 

∙If you are interested in becoming a member of Ondekoza, or have any specific questions, please contact us through our web form or by email (please see the 'Contact Us' page). 

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